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Okay, first things first: No, I am not dead. Not yet.


I might have suffered of something called ''Unbridled All-consuming Bone-deep Exhaustion''. Meaning I was tired. In a very mean way. In a way where my brain was managing to function on a basic level, and I could just push myself to get my work done, but where the free spirit of creativity is depressingly absent.


So I have had the next chapter of ''Shadow of a Doubt'' almost done for a few week but didn't stand a chance of finishing. I was truly stuck. I'm on it again, and I hope to get it to you soon. The new chapter for ''The Heart's Desire'' will take a little longer – sorry for that.


I am truly happy for all your enthusiasm for both of my stories, and I feel bad for you having to wait this long, but sometimes life just gets in the way of things. As a little consolation there is a little Sneak Peek for 'Shadow of a Doubt''...



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Hello everybody,

I have been a bit tired these past few weeks, and that has shown with my writing and pretty much everything else fanfiction related.

But things are looking up. I have finished the new chapter of  Shadow of a Doubt, which means there will be an update to that story soon.

Here is a tiny little Sneak Peek:

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