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Happy Birthday [ profile] phoenixacid...!! I don't even know where this came from, well apart from the obvious which is my insane brain. I never wrote RPF. I know you wanted Bradley to get a birthday spanking but that just ended in silly giggles and Colin even got a hiccup.

So... this is no porn. But it's love. Which - sometimes - might be even better after all. ;)

RPF Birthday Drabble )

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For the awesome, talented, inspiring [ profile] altocello. Happy Birthday, bb!

Many thanks to [ profile] k_nightfox for the quick beta.


There is someone ringing the bell. There is someone ringing the bell quite insistently. The bell never before managed to sound so annoyed, almost as if it was scowling.

There are two men on the doorstep. One blond, one dark. The blond one is wearing a shit eating-grin. The dark one is wearing a very nice blue, knee-length skirt with white polka dots. There is also a birthday cake.

''I know, you don't know us,'' the blond man says. ''But this is for you.''

He shoves the cake forward. It's chocolate. ''Oh, uhm... Happy Birthday!''

The dark haired man – the one in a skirt – scowls. Well, he was scowling before but now he is positively glaring.

'''Oh,uhm Happy Birthday', Arthur? Really?''

''What?'' the blond man – Arthur, apparently – asks. ''I did what she asked, didn't I? I gave her friend the cake.''

''You didn't give it to her, you shoved it at her.''

''Oh, shut up, Merlin.'' Arthur turns back towards the door. ''You must excuse him,'' he says, pointing his thumb at his companion. ''He's a bit grumpy because he lost at Truth or Dare.''

''You can't lose at Truth or Dare, Arthur. Not if you actually comply with the dare, which – I hope I don't have to point out – I did.''

''Pfft. Sure you can lose if you comply with that kind of grace, Merlin. Come on, don't be a spoil sport. Just because you erroneously thought I’d have more of a problem asking a total stranger if I could do them a favour, it doesn’t mean you have to be a sore loser about it. You could still give this nice lady a smile on her birthday. You look especially fetching in that skirt, if I may say so.''

Merlin looks down at where his long legs stick out of the sea of polka dots, feet clad in a pair of Doc Martins. The glare he sends at Arthur after that should have dropped the blond, but Arthur's grin only broadens.

Suddenly there is a malicious little smile on Merlin's face. ''Well, Arthur, if I remember correctly, you haven't fulfilled the whole favour yet, have you?''

The other man pales. He looks at his companion disbelievingly. ''I hate you.''

''Oh, come on, Arthur. You don't want to spoil this nice lady's birthday, do you?''

Arthur's smile is pained. He opens his mouth. He closes it again. Merlin nudges him in the rips.

Closing his eyes in mortification, Arthur takes a deep breath. Then he starts to sing.

''Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear [ profile] altocello. Happy birthday to youuuu!''

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A BIG FAT Happy Birthday to my wonderful, ankle-breaking and crowbar-swinging friend [ profile] deminos001.

I didn't write you noncon because you pushed me into doing that three weeks after I met you. But I tried to put in the other things you truly love: Mushrooms and tears. Also a lot of porn.:D

Enjoy! <3

Warnings: This fic contains mind control (due to thrall put upon Arthur when he enters a fairy ring), leading to dubious consent, some rough fucking and (yes, believe me!) a rather fluffy ending. :)
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Happy Birthday tooo Youuuu! Happy Birthday toooo Youuuuu!! Happy Birthday dear [ profile] kitty_fic! Happy Birthdaaaaay toooooooo Youuuuuuuuuuu!!

So. This is your day, and I hope it's gonna be awesome and full of sunshine and prezzies and cupcakes and love. You deserve it all and more, because there are awesome people and then there's you. *Hugs you very hard*

I didn't make you cupcakes. Not even the porny variety. (Although I almost hope *someone* does, someone closer to you who could give them to you directly, because... wouldn't that be awesome?) But I made you this:

In which there are straight *cough* boys being curious, sneaky, kind of stupid and maybe just at the beginning of a beautiful friendship *cough*...

I hope you like it. :)
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Happy Birthday [ profile] jadesfire!!

*hugs you and twirls you*

I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends today, and have some time to celebrate (and maybe even relax!). May your wishes come true and the sun shine down on you!

This is for you:

Title: Remember The Day
Pairings: Arthur/Merlin (can be read as friendship of pre-slash)
Rating: G
Word Count: 1.269
Summary: It's Merlin's birthday and he's sulking. Of course Arthur wouldn't remember. Or maybe Arthur is just being Arthur, and Merlin is a bit of an idiot.

Many thanks to [ profile] puckboum for the puppy. ;)


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