Jan. 2nd, 2011

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I realize I have been very silent for a while, but it's a new year and I do have a few resolutions, one being to be less reclusive. December has been crazy for me. The weeks running up to Christmas left me gasping for breath and I had to cut down on everything that was not of vital importance. Which sadly meant I had to give up on my seasonal fic I had planned. Well, I guess that gives me a lot of time to get it ready until NEXT Christmas.

Those of you who are waiting for the next chapter of The Heart's Desire, keep your hopes up. I have about 6.5 k ready and I think it will definitely be ready this month. LOL.

Those of you who are waiting for the next installment of Shadow of a Doubt. I am deeply sorry. No, I have not and will not abandon this fic, but right  now I can't stand the pressure to spend equal time on both my WIPs. I promise to concentrate on it again when THD is done, which should be in another three or four chapters.

I wish you all a Happy New Year! :)


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