Feb. 21st, 2011

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Hello everybody!

So, some of you have been wondering where I am, or maybe more importantly where the next update is...

I'm truly sorry to say that sadly it's not just around the corner. The thing is... just after my last post I found out I am pregnant. Which is of course wonderful. Not so wonderful is the constant 24-hours-a-day nausea and sickness or the bone-deep tiredness that's been holding me captive for the past five weeks. I've cut back on work, my social life is practically non-existent and I can't tell you how much daytime TV sucks (for that matter so does nightome TV).

I'm not telling you all this to gain a round of pity. I am still very very happy about becoming a mommy. :) But unfortunately, as long as things don't improve (and, god, am I hoping  they do soon) there won't be any writing happening. Right now, all I could probably write would be PREGNANT Sirius and I guess that would be as confusing for you as it would be for me.

I am REALLY looking forward to write again, you don't know how much I miss it. And as soon as I am better I hope to be back full steam. I can't make you any promises, but if this works out like it does with most women I should be able to get back into it in maybe around two weeks. But then there really are no rules to pregnancy.

So... bear with me?

Much love,

x Zaira


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