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Hello awesome person!

First things first: Thank you so much for putting time and effort into making a gift for me. I really really appreciate it and am excited to see what you come up with! Second: Don't be scared! I’m sure I'll love whatever you make. If my prompts don't inspire you, don't worry about it.

Here are a few other things I like:

Canon compliant stories or AUs where they still have their powers, mutant politics, mansion fic, kid fic, AUs where Erik stays/comes back/they resolve their differences, time-travel, shrewed and not-so-goody-two-shoes Charles (but not bad, I just don't think he's a saint. Or a woobie.), Erik being a bit of an asshole, one of them being more sexually experienced than the other, Erik having a dark past, Erik having a jewish/German background, detectives/spies/secret ops AUs, BAMF Erik (BAMF Charles too!), Western, historical AUs, high school AUs and/or growing up together, sibling incest (yes, I’m a pervert), ghosts, demons and mystical beings, hurt/comfort, amnesia, cyborgs, holiday centric schmoop

I like character-driven stories and I like it when those characters are competent and smart, even if they have hang-ups and issues and traumas that stand in their way. I like it when they have faults.

I like sassy dialogue, whether it's banter or flirting or epic shouting matches.

In regard to relationships I like first times, getting together, make-up/break-up, friends to lovers or even enemies to lovers. I’m not so much interested in established relationship fluff. I lovelovelove UST and pining and characters being a little oblivious to each others or even their own feelings.

I really love equal relationships. I love when they are on equal footing, when it's give and take and both are strong characters in their own right. If there’s a (perceived) power imbalance due to age/experience/status, I like it when it’s compensated by something else. I also like it when neither one is being the top or the bottom in the relationship. That also means I'm not really fond of dominance and submission or alpha/omega dynamics.

I’m not afraid of angst in general, and I like it when it pulls on my heart-strings as long as there is a happy end on the horizon. Please don't break my heart over the holidays without putting it back together!

If this all doesn't inspire you, write/art/create what does. Honestly, I love lots of things and I probably forgot half of them. Just please don't go into the direction of my dislikes.

What I don’t like:

noncon, humiliation, genderbending, a/b/o dynamics, D/s relationships, watersports, mpreg as a normal thing (as opposed to wtf how could this happen?), major character death, dark!Charles/Erik, woobie Charles

I’m also really serious about Charles/Erik as my OTP, so if you choose to create something that’s not Charles/Erik, I’d prefer it if you would not put them in a romantic relationship with someone else. Thank you! <3

I really hope you find something you can work with and - most of all - have fun! :)
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